New York's streets


Building of police created by any rooms and painted.

Opposite, hotel.

All these buildings are to be gone up and to be painted, it is necessary to stick window panes, to put curtains in windows, and to decorate buildings with diverse advertising.




Mini diorama just finished in December, 2013.



Beautiful day for the bikers.

He had to have a banana skin for the deliverers at the bottom of the theme there!


The building of departure was a business. I split the floor to make a post of the NYPD which contains a vehicle called "ESU" ( Emergency Service Unit).

In the back court, you will notice that there is what is needed to make good grills !

Also notice the advertising of the seller of occasions (car cut lengthwise).


Manufacturers :


  • Building : DPM
  • Vehicles : Trident, Model-Power, Atlas, Bush
  • Characters : Preiser





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