Special page on the "FDNY"


" Tiller ladder ": we could translate so : " ladder on trailer "

  • Cabin : seagrave, Boley
  • Arrière : ladder, Bush

The back cabin comes from a top of tractor repainted also.



The famous "RESCUE".


  • Cabin : seagrave, Boley
  • Arrière : Boley

I split 2 to make it 1. I painted and added the decoration.



Medical bus called "MERV"  (Major Emergency Response Vehicle)

I filled sides, drilled and arranged red indicators and painted the vehicle.


"Tower ladder"

This realization was rather difficult. The resemblance with the real model is not completely exact. The length on the white telescopic arm is missing.

  • Set : Boley

  • Nacelle : Bush





Van of communication for the press for big interventions.

Set  : Boley


Tow trucks intern service of the FDNY

Imagined vehicles


Pumper 21

Magnificent machine of the mark code 3 and which does not exist unfortunately any more in miniature.

Magnificent finishes.


Always with the base Boley as the cabin, the vehicle imagined for the " special operations ".


Model in the 1/87th to be completely gone up, to be painted and to be decorated.



Imaginary truck of the FDNY


New imaginary machine of the FDNY


This one is called "Collapse Rescue".

Composition realized with two bases Boley


For the interested people, I recommend them to visit sites of the FDNY to realize resemblances of my transformations with the real vehicles.

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